Sygic GPS Navigation 11.2.6 Android ACTIVATION CODE ❗

Sygic GPS Navigation 11.2.6 Android ACTIVATION CODE ❗


Sygic GPS Navigation 11.2.6 Android ACTIVATION CODE


An Android application to view and download the maps of over 40 countries, including India. They can be published on the web for viewing or downloded and used offline.

Sygic maps are updated continuously, so they are always up to date.

Activation code: 4325-xx where x is the version number.

Do the following:

1. Download a file, extract the zip and locate an application called “Activation.apk” (Activation.apk is bundled with in the main zip file).2. Wait until the map is available and save it (you can also save it at a location on your device as a backup).3. Open the folder where the extracted zip file is and double click on “Activation.apk” to install it.4. Launch the app and setup your map by entering an activation code.5. You can also set an activation code yourself in the application.6. Set a time period for free access to access the maps or choose lifetime access.7. See offline map capabilities and make sure it is enabled.8. Go to settings > storage & security and check that you can read/write to your device. You can take a look at your apps location storage permission to see if your app has any permissions you need to grant.9. Enjoy!

May be a bug:When you save a map in the offline maps application the file is saved as “offline_map.png” in the root of your SD card. Please rename it to “map_name.png” otherwise “map_name.png” will be saved as is.

To activate Premium or Premium + Traffic for Sygic GPS Navigation follow the guides below:

To activate it again later in case you reset or replace your Android device, follow the guides below:

The Android version 11.2.6 is constantly being updated, and as long as you have the application installed, maps will be be kept up to date.

Instructions to Activate:

1. Download the APK file here: apk

2. Place the downloaded file on your phone’s SD card and install it. If prompted, allow the application to access the phone’s location.

3. Once the app is installed


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