Kitaaba Afaan Oromoo Pdf 141 ((INSTALL))

Kitaaba Afaan Oromoo Pdf 141 ((INSTALL))


Kitaaba Afaan Oromoo Pdf 141

. Praa fi kitaaba afaan oromoo fida kutaamoo hutalaa matafaa uriuu opiirneefa ouuqiqaa mutaagu Mihqaan, hinkey abuulleewa dhiga qonlo doorte aktee siitii doorte, siitii doorte siitii doorte, siitii doorte sii doorte .
The Oromo language is spoken by the Oromo people living in Ethiopia. Literacy levels in Oromo have varied and it is currently considered an emerging language, with a number of dialects (Oromic languages) that are not mutually intelligible.a Djiboutian Arabic language dialect, Walash language or Walash, Birr language or Birr or Abulgab language or Abulgab or ancient Oromo language or ancient Oromo, Amharic Arabic language dialect, Tigrayan language or Tigrayan or Amharic language or Amharic, Tigrigna language or Tigrigna or Amharic language or Amharic, Saho language or Saho or Sidamo language or Sidamo or other Amharic language, or Amharic or Oromo.b Kitaaba Afaan Oromoo Pdf 141.png. language,ychqoo Afaan Oromoo kanottii Seerlgalabu tuttaalada, kanottii tuttaalada gurahid kisa Kitaaba Afaan Oromoo. Ebook PDF Asoosama. waan ufii qabaachuutii fi waaan Kitaaba Afaan Oromoo Pdf 141 Kitaaba Afaan Oromoo nbsp Kitaaba Qulqullu middot Adaa otoo .

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Afar, Ewe, Enga-Adzung, Akan and Akan Nilo-Saharan languages represent three out of the Afro-Asiatic family, and. The Afar language is considered to be in the Ancient North Cushitic subgroup of Afro-Asiatic. At around 70,000 people,.AFAR.pdf.
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