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Figure study made easy by Aditya Chari. Figures and it eases figure study by aditya chari book in pdf download.The people attending our protests have been concerned about a variety of issues, including the war in Iraq, the torture and indefinite detention of many immigrants, and the excessive use of force by police. But we know that the week’s protests will be remembered more for the way the police and their media allies treated protesters — who had the right to peacefully protest.

“When anyone is arrested and brutally pushed back against the protesters, it becomes unbearable to sit down in a peaceful protest. Many people left the protest because they were afraid of being arrested,” said Cindy Chun, 22, one of the labor organizers who attended. “The police did not distinguish between organizers and ordinary protesters, because we are all part of the movement. They arrested everyone.”

Protesters around the country braved the freezing weather to take to the streets — some supporters said they had never been more proud to be an American. But the protesters were met with a barrage of pepper spray and brutal arrests by a New York Police Department that has an annual budget of over $4 billion.

“You don’t see that in a free and democratic country,” said Deok Ho Kim, the New York organizer with her husband, Andy, a Vietnamese American. “This was the last straw for us. What makes our society? If we stand in line to stand in line for hours and hours, and it doesn’t work, we get to walk out, but if we come here, we get arrested. I know that this is not the system that I want to live in, but I feel like I can’t be silent.”

The protesters were preparing for a two-day march in mid-November, calling for an end to the war in Iraq and to government abuses and violence against immigrants. The peaceful demonstrations were organized by a coalition of local groups that included New York Communities for Change, the Korean-American Coalition for Human Rights, the Fifth Avenue Movement, and the Families for Freedom.

As the protesters readied to take to the streets, the NYPD made plans to target them and their peaceful demands. During the evening of November 8, the police began cracking down on the protesters and arrested more than a hundred demonstrators. This despite the fact that even President Bush had hinted to the press earlier in the day that he


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