Vcds Vag Com 1.91 Firmware ((HOT))













Vcds Vag Com 1.91 Firmware


Jan 21, 2012
Sorry, it turns out that the VCDS 11.11.3 is available for free at my site 😉
Jan 21, 2012
I found the solution, i just needed to download the vcds firmware 1.84 from your site and upgraded it.
vcds vag com 1.84 firmware
Jun 12, 2012
Yes exactly, i have bought the product vcds vag com 11.11.3 licenciado por VW / Audi / Skoda from 2007. Made my car working with vcds without need of have to buy cable new! 😀


See the page where you downloaded VCDS 11.11.3. There it says:

The VCDS for VAG vehicles includes the following firmware versions for the respective car models:

Some of the key features of the new firmware version are described in the link. You can expect further information as more manufacturers upgrade their firmware.

(1) Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a shock absorber for absorbing irregular deformation of a body part caused by a collision or other factors, a pressure sensor that detects a pressure applied to a bladder of the shock absorber, and a method of measuring a pressure that is applied to a bladder of a shock absorber, and more particularly to such a shock absorber, a pressure sensor, and a pressure measuring method that can accurately detect a pressure that is applied to a bladder of a shock absorber.
(2) Description of Related Art
An automobile generally includes a shock absorber that absorbs vibration and shock transmitted to a suspension system of the automobile from a road surface and tires. It is generally known that the shock absorber has a piston (i.e. a large-diameter piston) that is slidably fitted in a large-diameter portion of a cylinder (i.e. a large-diameter cylinder). An aperture portion having a smaller diameter than that of the large-diameter portion of the cylinder is formed in a small-diameter portion of the cylinder. The cylinder and the piston are connected to each other by a rod. A fluid is sealed in the large-diameter portion of the cylinder and the small-diameter portion of the cylinder. A pipe (or a fluid passage) is connected to the aperture portion and to a reservoir tank through which a fluid flows to or from the aperture portion. A pressure sensor detects a pressure of the fluid


Feb 18, 2012
0.90.3 is the latest firmware version. And unfortunately there was none in the archive. I will install for now with 0.9.3
Download (1185 byte), Flash and EEPROM) and install the firmwares with VCDS.import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
import math

import PIL
import numpy as np

import pickle as pkl
import models as ds

def get_learning_rate(step):
learning_rate = 0.1
print(“set learning rate {}”.format(learning_rate))
return learning_rate

def epoch_update(dataset):
delta = 1.e-6
#print(‘Your loss is {}’.format(dataset.losses[‘AutoDotLoss’][0]))
total_steps = dataset.steps[‘AutoDot’]
steps_per_epoch = total_steps // (dataset.batch_size * dataset.batch_size)
for i in range(steps_per_epoch):
global_lr = dataset.learning_rate
lr = learning_rate

# if lr > 0:
# print(“learning rate {}”.format(lr))
# lr *= 0.99999
# print(“new learning rate {}”.format(lr))
# else:
# print(“set learning rate {}”.format(global_lr))
# global_lr *= 0.

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