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Realflight 7 Dongle Emulator 19


To activate your copy of Realflight.
Download S.T.A.R. 5: a new flight simulator for tablets and phones. The exact same interface and controls of the RF 7/8 RF9.
Jun 8, 2016 I’m trying to use the Realflight 7 Dongle Emulator to connect my Skyline.


Interlink will not work with non-RF6.x versions – a dongle emulator is necessary. At the time of writing this answer, these are the supported devices:

RF7 Dongle emulator (4 GB)
RF7 Dongle emulator (2 GB)
RF8 Dongle emulator (2 GB)
Realflight 7.3 Dongle emulator (3 GB)
Realflight 7.2 Dongle emulator (3 GB)
Realflight 7.1 Dongle emulator (4 GB)
Realflight 7.0 Dongle emulator (4 GB)

Earlier, there was a RF 7 as well, but it was never released or supported.
On your side, try to use the older RF versions.
You can use the Pinout DFH0006-0000-0005 as a reference to debug the dongle emulator.


Why don’t trivial functions have names that don’t conflict with non-trivial ones?

If we were to have a language where there is a constant such as 1=2, and as a result, the simplest function 1+2 is defined, we would have 1+=2 which doesn’t make much sense, to me. You can’t add 1 and 2, you can only add a thing to a thing which takes 2 things as input.
So why then is it possible to have the simplest function 1+1? Why isn’t such a thing a violation of some principle? (Or perhaps there is a reason for it which I don’t understand).


1+1 is 2. Think of “+” as a universal symbol that refers to function addition, regardless of the context.
Actually taking 3 things as input is [1+1+1].

You can’t add 1 and 2, you can only add a thing to a thing which takes 2 things as input.

Pardon my ignorance, but aren’t these the same thing?
1 + 1

is a function which takes 1 thing as input and returns 2 things.


realflight dongle emulator 3.4 download
The Phoenix and RealFlight trainer software are completely different from each other. Phoenix was designed for the HUMA and Habu dongles. RealFlight was designed for the WS2000. Both of them have large differences.
Neither is compatible with either other. If you are looking for help on getting your WS2000 to work with your old Phoenix software, you will need to contact the developer of your old Phoenix software.
If you are looking for help on getting your RealFlight 7 to work with your old Phoenix software, you will need to contact the author of the original software.
there is no connection between the real flight 7 trainer and the real flight 7 program. .
they are completely separate programs. there is no compatibility with the real flight trainer..
I do not sell any trainer software. I sell my programs here  .

Ask the developer of the freeware version

Freeware version information

They are completely separate programs, the Freeware is not related to the Real Flight simulator.
Reviews and support are only available for the commercial product.
They do not list support for the Freeware version.

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Why does a statically allocated array of characters not have character arrays of different lengths?

char str[] = “some string”;
char str2[] = “different length of string”;

Is not str a character array of length 12 (5+7+4) and str2 a character array of length 5 (5), since they’re both arrays of the same type?
Are they not strictly equal because the sizes of two arrays are specified?
char str3[11];
char str4[5];
str3[11] = ‘\0’;
str4[5] = ‘\0’;
assert(str3 == str4);

Is this true because the array of string literals will be optimized to 2 char arrays because of the short string optimization? So they are equal.
char str5[] = “some string”;
char str6[] = “different length of string”;
assert(str5 == str6);

Why are they not equal? Why are they not optimized to 2 char arrays

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