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Category:LaptopsTranscript for Conflicting accounts about Trump’s response to El Paso shooting

Taking a look at the story of what happened between the president and the prime minister of Britain this morning at the G7 meeting in Quebec the White House releasing this very clear statement to say there were no disagreements today. And what the president was trying to do is to de-escalate the tensions that were created in yesterday’s press conference by the prime minister here’s the quote from that. Some of the president’s answers were ill-advised and that’s all. And once you get on the plane and start heading home there’s a discussion about what we were focused on. So this very close to home. And this is more chaos and more confusion in the president’s actions and you’ve got to ask yourself. What are we going to have next. Reporter: The president tweeting about a statement from his campaign. Far left group. Ammon bannen and Tom hanks. Can you believe it. Reporter: More chaos in the White House this morning. Now, with president trump accusing prime minister Theresa may and the prime minister’s aides of fabricating their response to a news conference. He’s not happy about their portrayal of the meeting. Our story that the prime minister was seen glaring at the president. It was not seen by anyone in the room. Reporter: Reporter: And asking. Were there any disagreements in what you had this conversation about? No, absolutely not. I can only tell you what I was told by the prime minister’s people and they said there was absolutely no disagreement. Reporter: Here’s how the prime minister and the president ended up leaving this morning’s G7 summit in Quebec. Tillerson ending the press conference. But prime minister Theresa May then leaving without him. It’s a tight group. Reporter: And this morning’s twist, as the president tweeted that the prime minister may have lied about a meeting they had before the press conference. When she was asked if she disagreed. And according to a source in the room he said no. He was really trying to de-escalate a difficult situation. Reporter: Meanwhile the prime minister’s office released a statement saying in fact they did disagree. Early on the United Kingdom’s position on Iran was different from that of the United States and other G7 members. And on the issue of comments made by the president. What they’re going to have next is up to them and us in his statement the president wants to de-escalate. There were


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In 2010, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, asked his 30,000-plus Twitter followers for ideas on how to reinvent their home-improvement business.

“I’ve written those answers up in this book,” says Stone. “I’m giving away as many copies as I can, because I think what we’re doing in the world of home improvement has had a very high cost and we can do better.”

Stone’s book is one of the world’s biggest home-improvement how-to’s, more successful than its subject.

Written by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone

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Stone’s final revised edition of The Kitchn features more than 250 recipes for cooking in your kitchen, tips on choosing the best tools and equipment, and handy guides on everything from how to tackle a major kitchen remodel, to how to tap into people’s kitchens to get a sense of their personality, their quirks, and their tastes. “We often promote things on Twitter, but we never put our own money into it,” says Stone. “We’d write a blog entry or send around a postcard, but this is all our own money.”

For example, when Stone was a teenager, he was inspired by a boatload of old books that was sinking in the back of his parents’ garage. He’s been devoted to home improvement ever since. And he has an absolute blast sharing those tips with the rest of the world.

In other words, he’s using Twitter to sell books.

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