Junior Miss Pageant 2001 Contests 9

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Junior Miss Pageant 2001 Contests 9



The origins of the Junior Miss pageant trace back to the early 1920s, when the Junior League was created in Washington, D.C. The Junior League of Washington was the first Junior League for women in the United States. The Junior League of Washington’s objective was to provide opportunities for women who wished to broaden their experience and activities in the spirit of service. So in 1921, the Junior League of Washington sent out cards to about 1,000 girl high school seniors living in Washington, D.C., inviting them to participate in a contest for a trip to New York City, New York. The winners would be presented with an all expense paid, three-week trip to New York City for the early Model T Model A, and automobile if the trip to New York was not possible. The winner of the trip, and the prize was a $500 to $1,000 scholarship. Each Junior Miss candidate had to pay her own way for the trip. There were only fourteen Junior Miss candidates that paid their way and participated in the tour.

A national search began for the “Junior Miss America” and the first pageant was held in Washington, D.C. in 1922. The “Junior Miss America” has been a traveling pageant since the 1950s. The first pageant to be televised was the Miss America Pageant of 1958 in Atlantic City, New Jersey on the television program called: ‘”Meet the Press”. In addition, the pageant was included in the first Miss America telecast, “Meet the Misses” on ABC in the 1956 Miss America Pageant. The pageant has been broadcast from coast-to-coast in an effort to help schools, community centers, and churches throughout America. The Miss America Organization was incorporated in Chicago, Illinois in 1945 by a group of individuals and was incorporated in Washington, D.C. in 1946.

In 2008 the Junior Miss National Organization began in the United States with 80 participants holding the title of Junior Miss. Today there are approximately 27 Junior Miss programs in the United States. Junior Miss National is in charge of the selection process for Junior Miss America and decides which states and/or organizations will be able to compete in the national pageant. The local Junior Miss programs each send in applications for the selection process and are reviewed by a panel of judges and have the opportunity to be chosen to compete in the local and national contests.


The contestants represent https://myrealex.com/upload/files/2022/06/ZeBEsCr8MIYsbWjt5r7s_07_2fce31cfaf735e971e439c38bc5103d4_file.pdf


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