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Chicken-Invaders-5- -Crash-Fix- -Working-Multiplayer-(Full-Version)l



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Perth have now qualified a spot at the 2015 World Championships. A win in the final match against Brisbane tomorrow would secure a spot in the final tournament.

After defeating the Rebels 60-50, the Panthers looked comfortable as they claimed the first game, before finishing off Brisbane 72-66.

Despite a sloppy performance against the Bulldogs today, Perth coach Derek Weaver was impressed with the result.

“It was definitely a learning curve for us. We were great against the Rebels, we had a great mindset going into that match and we executed the game plan perfectly. This was a different story.

“We could have been in the final of the game if we’d executed it a bit better. But overall we’re very pleased with the way we played.”

Weaver added the learning curve was simply a case of players trusting each other more.

“You’d like to think we’d be there more often. Just the trust factor. It’s probably the first time we’ve had that. Everyone was trying to force things to happen, as opposed to making sure they were getting it right, which is the way we’ve been doing it.

“The boys are getting themselves to places they’ve not been in a long time.”

Players like Eddy Pettybourne, who played his best game of the season today, were a big part of this.

“He’s had a lot of ups and downs and every time he runs out, he plays his best game. He had a great game today. He’s not playing like he normally does, which is why we’ve got them outside the top 20.”

Weaver was also pleased with the way the Tigers performed today.

“It’s a testament to the effort they’ve put in. They were very close to getting in. One win today and they could have been in the top 20.

“There’s a lot of quality players in there, for sure. A lot of young blokes come through,


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