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Failed to load container image error while docker image is working well

I have installed docker and so many docker images are working well, but when I try to run below command it is giving me error.
docker images

docker-registry test1.docker.local/nginx:1.15
ERROR: Image not found or does not exist: debezium/debezium-mysql:1.0.5

Reference –

Image names, as defined by the FROM instruction, must match the
container’s uid. The docker run command’s –rm flag removes the
container when the running container exits, and the uid may no longer
be associated with the container. This means that an existing
container must have been generated with a Dockerfile that comes from a
Dockerfile from a docker-import repository that has already been

Can someone please help me to debug this error.


See docker-import:

There are two ways to fix this:

If you already created an image using this import, you can do
docker run –rm -i –name=nginx1 test1.docker.local/nginx:1.15
Now you can delete this image:
docker rmi nginx1
You can manually specify docker import to use a specific repository, as explained in
You can do docker pull nginx:1.15 which will get you nginx:1.15 from the repository you specified as tag.


How to scale image correctly in Firefox using CSS only

I need to scale this image 300% (width and height) without using any javascript, just using CSS and HTML 5.
div.playlist {
background-image: url(‘images/playlist.jpg’);
background-size: contain;

.container {

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