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OMSI 2 Add-On Wuppertal Crack GamehackstudiosQ:

Is this the correct way to use numpy sum()

I am trying to figure out what the difference is between these two ways of returning the sum of an array (if there is one):
import numpy

def function_A():
return np.sum(np.arange(3))

def function_B():
return np.sum(3 * np.arange(3))

Which way is the correct way? Why? What is the difference?


The syntax you’re looking for is sum(a), where a is an array or list.
The different thing is the type of objects; function_A sums an int, function_B sums a float. Function_B is not defined to return an int if you specify it as return np.sum(3 * np.arange(3)) (but it does because of implicit conversion to float). That’s why it returns 3.0 instead of 7.

US states have moved to update their anti-stalking and domestic violence laws to better protect women and other vulnerable groups, according to a report released on Thursday by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NEDV).

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Twenty-two states have passed or proposed changes to their stalking laws since the NEDV published a report last year, 17 of which provide for felony stalking charges for those who engage in unwanted, repeated or forced contact with another person.

Some of the same states have passed or are proposing new laws to deal with domestic violence.

The NEDV noted a 2016 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics that said just under two thirds of women surveyed had been stalked by a partner. The most common type of stalking was unwanted communications, including telephone calls, letters, texts or notes.

Nearly seven percent of the women surveyed had been stalked face to face by an intimate partner.

The NEDV said that



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