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Did Slyman say that letters don’t count when crossing out words, and that the computer actually decided that the word “obstacles” was crossed out correctly?
Slyman was subsequently called to testify and warned the police that he had been misled. Answer: ot
Andrew Keane mentioned that he attended this meeting. He said “no one knew he was lying”. He did not answer the question of what happened when he heard that the Soviet clock system (meaning that the hands of the clock move forward in sync with the time in Moscow) has a 6.5 minute pause.
Then the editor of The New York Times suggested to him that the Soviet marine clock had one decimal point.
When Keane asked if he actually confirmed that there was a 6.5 minute pause, not 10 seconds, he replied, “I… I was wrong.”
Will Keene be able to say what Sly-Man said in his interview, and when did he agree that the six and five minute pauses were correctly understood?
Answers: no, it’s not possible (BARY); moreover, his interview with him was personal, and he had no way of knowing who asked about it; it must be said. (RICK HENDRIX)
ANSWER: Andrew King, regarding the interview with Slimer, says: “During the time of Slimer’s imprisonment, it became clear that Slimer, at the time we interviewed him, did not say anything definite about the Soviet military council. He was busy in another area and was unable to speak. It became apparent that the timing was playing a role and it couldn’t be a mere coincidence that at first he claimed they were there and that he was there, and then he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t true.”
Thus, in response to the question about Sly’s interview



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