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A daily updated database of automotive specifications with over 44,500 vehicles.n Acura – Specifications, Fuel consumption, Dimensions. A grid of computer tables makes it easy to get all the required data: suspension and engine parameters, power and torque, fuel consumption data in the city and outside the city, etc. 3. Readings of sensors and measurement systems. The total number of sensors and devices that determine information about the state of the car is more than 40 pieces. These include both standard systems (oxygen sensors, oil pressure sensors, etc.) and highly specialized ones (tire pressure sensor, overspeed sensor, etc.). 4. Organizer for working with basic data. A large organizer contains numerous functions – from storing to printing databases (own and others), allows you to easily import, export and update them, allows you to mark objects in the database and store them in a single place. 5. Import and export of data. The database can be easily imported into MS Excel and then exported to other programs (eg Selenium or KUBOTA). 6. System of autoinstructions. This feature will enable the driver to create their own vehicle manual.
Fuel Control System (ECU)
This feature will allow you to find fuel costs not included in the official figures.
Automotive Electronics Module
This module allows you to connect storage devices for storing vehicle data (credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc.) and allows you to control connected devices and sensors.
Connecting a hard drive to a computer
This service will allow you to connect a hard drive to store vehicle information and allow you to upload and download data. In addition, you can synchronize files between your computer and your car.
Software installation
Automatic and manual shifting system
With this system you will be able to select the desired number of gears.
Autopilot (WAAS)
With this function, you will be able to receive information about the speed, direction of travel and other parameters that affect driving. In addition, the system will automatically be able to slow down in case of traffic jams.
Simulation of Automatically Controlled Motors (AVM)
Direct computer control of the car
This function allows you to reproduce the operation of the engine according to specified programs and optimize various parameters of the engine.
Driving on a given route



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