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Quickly translates text on your computer.

Synchronizes translations to your Google-based account.

Stores translations in your settings for later use.

Includes a built-in set of translations for English, German, French, and Spanish.

Can be accessed offline for unlimited number of translations.

Download Tunlookup

Tunlookup 5.0.0 has been released. Tunlookup is an small text translation utility, which allows you to translate text from your desktop to any language you wish and, more importantly, translate text in the opposite direction.
The main highlight of the update is that the app now comes with a full translation set for English, French, German, and Spanish. Being able to translate text from your native languages to other languages is both a great help and a valuable resource.
Other new features
Apart from being multilingual, the app has also been completely redesigned and overhauled. It now comes with a better user experience and a more intuitive UI.
You can see the full list of new features below:
Redesigned user interface.
Custom translations (English, French, German, and Spanish).
Synchronize translations.
Set up favorites.
Quick translations.
Offline access and the built-in set of translations.
Automatic crash and error reporting.
Start searching for translated words straight from the popup.
Settings and privacy options.
Tabbed main window.
Customizable font.
Stylish icon set.
Added context menu.
Desktop notifications.
Linux version with Ubuntu support.
Fullscreen mode for the main window.
Accessible with screen-readers.
Mac version.
Fullscreen mode for the main window.
Accessible with screen-readers.
Mac version.
Fullscreen mode for the main window.
Accessible with screen-readers.
Windows version.
Fullscreen mode for the main window.
Accessible with screen-readers.
Windows version.
Fullscreen mode for the main window.
Accessible with screen-readers.
Windows version.
Fullscreen mode for the main window.
Accessible with screen-readers.
Windows version.
Fullscreen mode for the main window.
Accessible with screen-readers.
Windows version.
Features include:
Basic, advance, and exotic options.
Basic, advance, and exotic options.
Basic, advance, and exotic options.

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Automated installer

Fullscreen mode available

Translated text can be copied straight into the clipboard

iPad app is also available (Beta)

Free to use

Basically, this is a utility which will help you to translate the text that you are composing on your computer into a variety of languages. And it does so by allowing you to use the keyboard and a convenient menu which you can use to add text directly into the translation window.
The application allows you to do this, directly from your desktop. It comes with a simple command line interface and takes advantage of Electron. In addition, it offers a quick access to a few dictionaries which you might use.
What’s more, you can also use the app’s fullscreen mode if you don’t want to be bothered by the menu or if your laptop screen happens to be on a display that’s not too big.
From the beginning, we might get the impression that the application’s name has a negative connotation. Actually, the developer behind the project named the application as such after the word “tunnel,” which indicates that the app works via tunnels and tubes. And that’s not all, the name also hints at the fact that the application is a very basic translation utility.
Even if this might seem contradictory, the underlying reason for the name is that it’s more of a “tunnel than a translation tool.” Indeed, the app actually offers a limited number of translation services, but this is something which is quite unremarkable. And of course, no third-party developer will ever make a desktop translation tool which cannot translate texts in any type of language, even Spanish.
When it comes to the application itself, Tunlookup can work with different types of input. You can add the text you’re composing using the keyboard or the mouse. If you’d rather use the keyboard, you’ll be notified with an offer to look up the word you type directly into the translation panel.
In fact, the application’s simple menu allows you to do just that. But you can also add the text by dragging it directly into the translation panel. And you can even add your own custom lines if you have the need to do so.
In terms of usability, the app’s most notable shortcoming stems from the fact that it minimizes to the tray by default. More often than not, it also freezes if you do accidentally touch the top menu bar.
Considering that, Tunlookup can prove useful

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Tunlookup is a cross-platform (also available for macOS) and an Electron-based piece of software mainly recommended for users who are looking for a quick and convenient way of translating text directly form the desktop and without having to resort to web browsers to do so.
And that’s not all this utility brings to the table. Another highlight of the app stems from the fact that it’s capable of storing your translation history, which can be later accessed even if your computer is not connected to the Internet.
Simple desktop app that allows you to translate texts
Other than that, the application itself is quite minimalist and fairly non-impressive, even though it does its job pretty well. It can be deployed on your computer in just a matter of seconds thanks to an automated installer, and it does not require any type of configuration in order to get it up and running.
Regarding practicality, it should be mentioned that the app has a built-in fullscreen mode, integrates with the taskbar and, just like all apps for translations, two separate panels (one for the original text and one for the output translation).
Not exactly what you would call a flawless application
Speaking of which, some users might find it very annoying that the utility automatically minimizes to the tray once you click anything anywhere its main window. Even though this feature somewhat makes sense, it would have been nice if you could disable it.
The text input field might just be the app’s biggest “niggle.” Not only it’s fairly tiny it’s also located in the bottom toolbar, in the lower right side of the main window, not exactly the most fortunate position for user-accessibility purposes.
A simple translation app that could prove itself useful if you’re willing to get past a few annoyances
Still, these are small issues which could be easily fixed in the following releases. The point is, Tunlookup is actually a fairly useful application which allows you to perform quick translations, store them, and access them later, even in offline mode.
If you already use one, tell us which one is better in the comments below!
Update 10/21/2019: Tunlookup has been updated with a new look and several new features.
Download & Install Tunlookup

1. Verify You Have Electron Installed

There should be a separate tab in the application’s settings that you can use to verify this. If the app can’t find it, it is likely because Electron isn’t installed

What’s New In Tunlookup?

Simple desktop app that allows you to translate texts directly from the computer’s desktop
Store translations locally and access them later, even when the computer is offline
Access translations from multiple computers over the network
Minimize to tray and dock
Run in fullscreen mode
Compatible with Electron Framework
Integrates with the Taskbar and System Tray
Powerful and easy-to-use
Is free to use
No registration is required
Translations are stored locally, so they are safe and secure, even when the system is not connected to the Internet
The translations are saved to your computer
Can be deployed in seconds via the built-in automated installer
No configuration is required
Access the translations from multiple computers over the network
Built-in fullscreen mode
Quick and easy to use
Access translations from all supported languages
Supports Unicode 11 and Unicode 12
Supports right-to-left reading
and much more


Free to use
No registration is required


Tunlookup ships with many languages pre-installed but, at the moment of this writing, it doesn’t allow you to download additional ones. We’ll try to change that as soon as possible.


Windows, macOS, and Linux

File Size:


The installation process for the app was fairly smooth and was really straight-forward and even automated, which is always a good thing.
Still, we can’t ignore the fact that using a paid registration to create an account for one of the apps requires purchasing it, but, hey, it’s a small price to pay if you want to gain access to this great translation app.
That’s not the only downside, though. When we install this for the very first time, we are asked to make a choice as to which languages we want the app to recognize in the future.
The choices we have are: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Persian, and Icelandic.
While the above list might seem a bit extensive to some users, chances are you’re going to live happily with the default choices, anyway, so go with the flow.
Start Tunlookup and it will open with a default panel, which you can switch to a secondary one via the menu button located in the upper toolbar.
The desktop translations panel just has two panels that can be switched between using a dropdown list; the

System Requirements:

RAM: 512 MB
Video: 128 MB
H.264/MPEG-4 Video: 128 MB
Video Processing: 128 MB
Disk Space: 2 GB
Video: 1 GB
H.264/MPEG-4 Video: 1 GB
Video Processing: 1 GB
Disk Space: 5 GB
In-game music volume must be turned up to enjoy full experience.


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