Quick File Rename 8.0.2 Crack

Some might like their personal virtual space to be all clean and tidy, and this can even mean for all files to be neatly named. However, it can take some time to manually handle this task, but not unless you use specialized applications like Quick File Rename with tons of rules to get the name right for multiple files and folders.
Visually appealing and easy to use
The visual design of the application might leave you scratching your head for a while, not because it’s confusing, but you probably didn’t expect such an abundance of features from an application of its kind. Two panels make it easy to browse through folders and select the files you want to rename, while a different section is fitted with multiple tabs to configure and pick renaming rules you want to apply.
There’s the possibility to work with files and folders alike, and even choose to affect subfolders as well. Furthermore, the application lets you focus your effort on a particular file format by writing it down in a dedicated field. Don’t worry about any mistakes or inconveniences, because there’s always the “Undo” button to turn to.
Add multiple rules and save sets to file
As mentioned above, setting up rules can take up some of your time. This is a good thing, considering the new name can benefit from character replacing, inserting or removing text strings, managing letter casing, sorting and numbering, or applying mask filter. Each is fitted with an abundance of parameters, and you can add multiple rules.
Quick File Rename also lets you save custom sets of rules to file to have them applied easier later on. What’s more, updates are provided in real time so you know exactly what you’re doing, while the renaming itself is done in the blink of an eye.
In conclusion
To sum it up, Quick File Rename comes with a comprehensive set of tools that is sure to meet even sophisticated demands. Browser panels make sure you quickly find files you need, with options to filter and select folders too. However, the most practicality is brought by the stunning variety and possibility to customize name rules, and even have them saved to file for later processing.









Quick File Rename Crack+ With License Code Free Download [Mac/Win] [Updated]

· Quick File Rename lets you rename up to 100 files or folders at a time
· Browsing panel – Allows you to easily select the files you want to change their name
· Customizing – Select how to rename files and folders, or create custom rules
· Batch renaming – Quickly change all selected files and folders
· Rename file or folder with mask filter – Quickly choose file extensions based on a filter
· Numeric sorting – Convert the letter casing of the file name
· Alphanumeric sorting – Convert file names with alphanumeric characters
· Tracking – Change letter casing and order of numeric digits
· Making it easier – You can quickly rename files with presets in the “Place” panel
· Batch processing – Applied to subfolders as well
· Save in file – Applying custom rules to batch processed files
· Last, but not least – Undo your renaming if you make a mistake
· In-built Quality Check
· Minimum System Requirements
· Windows XP/7/Vista/8
· DirectX 9 (optional)
· 2GB RAM (512MB recommended)
· 600 MB free disk space (250MB recommended)
· Screen resolution 1024×768 or higher

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Quick File Rename Crack+ With Registration Code Free Download For Windows

Quick File Rename is the most feature-rich tool you will ever find for renaming your files and folders.
It will process files and folders in a few seconds.
Tools and features
You can change the name of a folder and its files, so the most accurate file name can be applied.
Rules and conversions
There are a lot of options for you to apply the fastest, most accurate and convenient file name, from simple character replacement to mask filter.
Saving rules and references
You can save your own rules to file and open it later on when you need to apply its files.
Quick File Rename – Good Features
Great variety of options to name files and folders using the most current rules and methods
You can apply the best possible name for your files by checking multiple options for:
– changing the extension to the correct value;
– changing the case of letters;
– making them stop numbering;
– adding new lines.
You can easily apply the most appropriate name for your files by using multiple rules and filters with thousands of options for:
– character replacing;
– inserting and removing special symbols;
– adding and removing lines;
– adding and removing spaces;
– changing the uppercase to the lowercase;
– adding and removing numbers;
– changing the number of letters.
Applies masks or special filters to names.
Convert a file name to all cases.
Using Quick File Rename is so simple. It’s just two simple steps.
You can enjoy the most accurate results for changing the name of your files, folders and subfolders.Q:

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Quick File Rename Crack+ Free Download For Windows

What’s New in the?

– Treats a wide range of files and folders in a single application
– Two panels simplify browsing and setting up renaming rules
– Comes with multiple renaming rules and set of parameters, and can save them to file
– A mix of visual aesthetics and functionality makes it easy to use
Ease of use and ease of edition
Rename most files and folders in a matter of minutes with Quick File Rename. It comes with a wide array of features to let you easily control what to do with each file or folder. Quick File Rename is able to detect the format of each file and apply different renaming rules accordingly.

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