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Gaming cafés were extremely sought after one or two decades ago when just a handful of people had personal computers. Nowadays, when everybody has a PC or at least a console, this type of entertainment is less appealing. However, the segment is not entirely dead, meaning that there are enough clients to keep it going. If you are a gaming café manager or cashier, isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software can help your business.
After the installation process is over, a thorough setup has to be performed. This includes creating entries for each machine, labeling them, fixing their tariffs, putting together special deal packets, and establishing the admin rights or credentials. All requirements for a healthy business.
The application can be used to track the activity of both PCs and consoles. Each machine has an information tab that offers real-time information about a session's starting, remaining time, and the price paid for the interval. In short, the cashier/admin needs only to check the app and make sure the clients get what they pay for.
To sum it up, Game Consoles Billing Software is a simple utility designed to help gaming café businesses keep track of the income generated by each machine, and make the administrator's job a bit easier.


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Isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software Crack Download [Latest] 2022

Keep track of each machine in game-based establishments. Split payments in half and let the administrator and admin enter the deals. The interface is simple and can be configured according to the needs. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.
Developer: isimsoftware GmbH
Developer website:
Application Type: standalone
License: Free
File size: 2.81 MB

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Isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software Activation Code With Keygen For PC

isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software Serial Key helps improve cashier performance by enabling them to focus on the business more and be more professional. It’s a simple software package that automates the process for processing game consoles. The main features include:
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software Special Features:
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software can be a very useful tool for any gaming café to improve their cashier work, allowing them to spend more time focusing on the business, and spend less time doing manual tasks. The isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software has all the main features you need to run a healthy business.
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software pricing:
The isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software is available in three different editions: Standard (free), Standard Plus ($59), and Professional (from $179). You will need to select the ideal solution for your needs. All versions of the software include:
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software System Requirements:
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software – can only be installed on 64-bit Windows systems – can be downloaded from the official website
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software – is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software – written in ASP.NET 4.5 and a version for.NET Framework 4.5 is available for all Windows OSs.
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software – works great with Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014, and can handle any type of license (including ActiveX).[Effects of intracoronary hypothermia after myocardial revascularization].
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What’s New in the Isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software?

Some people prefer a more competitive or dynamic environment. For others, the organization behind the device remains their main concern. At isimsoft, we understand this. Therefore we made sure that each aspect of the software is personalized to its customers.
It is also the way we do business; a customer can select the environment they prefer and the software will adapt accordingly. In both cases, you will get the best experience.
In all situations, the application will offer you several functionalities. When you need reports, you can create them. You can also perform various administrative tasks, such as: setting a price for a game console, creating special deals, and uploading scores. All these, and more, are just a click away with this great iPad application.
isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software Description:

isimsoft Game Consoles Billing Software is a simple software designed to help you manage your money in your iPad. With this simple application, you can easily keep track of your sessions and have all the information about your machines in one place.
You can also manage the rental or sale of each game console or PC. This tool has the ability to track your income in a couple of ways. Either you can create a report with the sales made and invoice them to your customers. Alternatively, you can assign a price per game and generate a report including all of the games rented or sold in the last month.
In addition, you can generate reports in various formats so you can see the evolution of your business. Another option is to create special packages, thereby increasing your sales.
This application is designed to help you keep track of your games, invoices, and transactions. What’s more, it is a simple utility that lets you do any administrative task on your device.
isimsoft Game Consoles Billing Software will help you manage your business with no hassle.
isimsoft Game Consoles Billing Software Description:

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System Requirements For Isimsoftware Game Consoles Billing Software:

OS: OS X 10.7.5 or higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM
OS: OS X 10.8.5 or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
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