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Chrome Tone will enhance your audio workstation by bringing custom guitar amps, boutique outboard gear as well as pedal effects.
Chrome Tone comes with 5 plug-ins:
· Amp – flexible guitar amp modeling
· Wah – multi-mode filters configured as traditional ‘wah’ effects
· Chorus – frequency modulation effects
· Trem – volume modulation effects
· Stack – combination of Amp, Wah, Chorus and Trem effects, plus tape delay
Each Chrome Tone modulation configuration (Chorus, Wah, Trem) has a ‘Dynamic’ envelope follower and ‘Auto’ LFO to modulate the effect itself or the incoming audio.







Chrome Tone Download PC/Windows

· 100% user-configurable
· Native macOS / iOS Support
· DAW integration
· VST / AU / AAX / RTAS compatible for Mac / Windows
· Web-based user control with an intuitive online interface
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Amp Modeling 

Chrome Tone Amp Modeling 

Chrome Tone Amps

Available Amp Models (top left) and their descriptions:

Fuzzy Feline Amp

This guitar amp has been built to emulate the classic Fuzzy Feline amps from the 70’s and 80’s. The amp has a unique square wave distortion sound when the reverb and overall sound is engaged.

Dirty Fuzzy Feline Amp

This amp is a little more over-the-top with a unique high gain vintage sound when the reverb and overall sound are engaged.

Turbo Fuzzy Feline Amp

This guitar amp is similar to the Dirty Fuzzy Feline Amp but with a little more presence than the Dirty Fuzzy Feline Amp. It has a unique “high gain vintage” sound when the reverb and overall sound are engaged.

Boner Fuzzy Feline Amp

This guitar amp is a good use of reverb and overall sound and has the distinct “grindy” sound that is so typical of 70’s and 80’s amps.

Alex Funky Feline Amp

This guitar amp has a rather unusual sound with a limited amount of reverb that works well in pop or jazz genres.

Chrome Tone Amp Types (bottom left)

Chrome Tone Effects

Available Chrome Tone Effects (top left) and their descriptions:

Chrome Tone LFO

This chrome tone effect has a very versatile LFO with a range from -20 to +20 percent of the incoming signal.

Chrome Tone Reverb

This chrome tone effect has a range of 40 to 80 percent of reverb time.

Chrome Tone Chorus

This chrome tone effect has a range of 40 to 80 percent of chorus time.

Chrome Tone Trem

This chrome tone effect has a range of 40 to 80 percent of tremolo time.

Chrome Tone Stack

This chrome tone effect can have combination effects Amp, Wah, Chorus and

Chrome Tone Crack License Key

New Trem modulation pedal and amp models
· The new Trem pedal uses advanced graphic algorithms to generate a rich tremolo effect that captures the nuances of analog tremolo pedals.
· Trem model is immediately available for use in Chrome Tone 2022 Crack, and can be applied globally within Chrome Tone Activation Code in the signal chain.
· Chrome Tone user can specify the amp model they want to be used, or select from a library of amp models.
Audio effects
· Analog style chorus with modulation.
· Wah with amplitude modulation.
· Tremolo with traditional/modern vintage tremolo or flanging effect.
· Noise gates.
· Audio delay effects.
· Noise filter effects.
· Stereo and mono audio unit.
· Multiple amp models with three harmonics – low, middle and high output impedance.
Pedal effects
· Guitar effects such as Reverb, Delays, Space Echo and Chorus.
· Specialized guitar effects such as Wah, Trem and Stereo Chorus with modulation, delay and effects.
· Sustain pedal.
· LFO effects.
· Detune features.
· Reverb.
· Low-pass and high-pass filters.
· Phase shifter.
Studio and home audio apps.
· Built-in RTAS v2 recording engine.
· Console power-out.
Unique features:
· The tremolo is based on a dual-mode Envelope Follower, allowing for both a classic ‘wah-style’ envelope with time-variant voltage controls or the classic germanium transistors, the ultimate setting for an authentic tremolo sound.
· Chrome Tone’s classic analog chorus provides unprecedented sound coloration, a rich and deep sound that lets the guitar define its rhythm and seamlessly augment it.
· Chrome Tone provides a wide range of vintage-style guitar effects including tremolo, wah, chorus and delay.
· Chrome Tone’s lushly resonant analog VU meters and LED displays can be used in various levels of resolution, ranging from full screen view to zoomed views of smaller areas.
· Chrome Tone is available in three modeling levels, which can be achieved by using the VU meters in a series of configurations to adapt the pedal to your preference and taste.
· There are two guitar input choices for the input jack, both providing clean, detailed input signal that can be easily altered via the customizable ‘Auto Balance’ controls.
· Chrome Tone is

Chrome Tone PC/Windows

1) A flexible guitar amp modeling plug-in that accepts dry or signal-based input, or presets of real vintage amps
2) The Wah plug-in is a versatile multi-mode effect that has been built from the ground up to emulate the functionality of high-end production pedal effects. It accepts either dry or signal-based input
3) The Chorus plug-in is a frequency modulation (FM) plug-in that behaves as a filter-driven effects emulator that can shape the audio in many different ways. The ‘Dynamic’ envelope follower controls the filter cutoff frequency for each individual frequency, and the ‘Auto’ LFO allows the user to sync the filter cutoff frequency to a programmable LFO rate
4) The Trem plug-in is a volume modulation (VM) plug-in that can be configured to modulate the volume level of the incoming audio or dry signal. The ‘Dynamic’ envelope follower can control both the volume and the LFO to modulate the effect
5) The Stack plug-in is a combination of Amp, Wah, Chorus and Trem plug-ins. Each of the five plug-ins shares a single input/output, and can be individually accessed through the Stack panel in the main UI.
Chrome Tone Features:
· Vintage-Quality Vintage and New Amp Modeling and EQ
· 5 Flexible Amp Models including Multiple Amp Types, Inputs, Volume Control, Ampeg-Style EQ
· Rich New Circuit-Based Amp EQ Model
· Butane Chorus Effects that Have to Be Heard to Be Believed
· Flexible, Pitch-Sensitive Wah
· ‘Amp Swap’ Feature – Convert an Old Amp To a New
· Phrase Modulation Capability
· Sonic Sculpting Capability
· Presets and Efforts for Briton Pierce, Dave Gilmour, Brian May, Jeff Porcaro, Jimmy Page, Joe Walsh, John Paul Jones
· Filters May Be Further Tweaked According To Your Preference
· Support for Variax™ Series Pedals
· Macro Recording and Replaying
· Interface Control to Send MIDI
· UI Customization Options
· MIDI/Audio Input with Master Automation Control
· Comprehensive License Agreements


Ampress AmpTonE

Vintage Amp Modeling and EQ
Add some vintage sounds and tone to your soundtracks with Ampress AmpTonE.

What’s New in the?

· ‘Amp’ effect – flexible modeling of a vintage guitar amplifier. Choose from many available configurations including three tube, two tube, and solid-state versions with a wide variety of speaker types and gain structures.
· ‘Wah’ effect – special processing of guitar signals (chords, harmonics, and solos) that combines the best of the traditional ‘wah’ pedal with modern effects processing.
· ‘Chorus’ effect – two chorus configurations are available, an ‘FM’ type with ‘Auto’ LFO that modulates the effect signal, and a ‘Random’ type that randomly reorders incoming audio. ‘Chorus’ also includes ‘Manhattan’ processing that separately modulates High, Mid, and Low frequency regions of the incoming audio.
· ‘Trem’ effect – unique ‘Tremolo’ pedal effects that combines an ‘LFO’ based envelope follower with resonance, tremolo, and vocal wow.
· ‘Stack’ effect – combines the work of all the above effects in a single powerful configuration that can be used to create unique guitar sounds.
Each effect also has an ‘Auto’ configuration that modulates the effect in response to incoming audio. Additionally, each effect configuration (Wah, Chorus, Trem) has an ‘Absolute Volume’ control that blends effects in and out of the audio signal using the incoming level of the audio signal.
Chrome Tone is available as a free download for PC or Mac users.
All Chrome Tone effects are available separately as effects plug-ins for use in other sound production applications.
Package Includes:
· Chrome Tone for PC or Mac
· Collection of demo loops
· Manual

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