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CableMon [Win/Mac]

The Mac user can use the TunnelKit to create a virtual connection to the local network to get to the Internet.
And the user can still browse and share files on the local network but the information of the connection is not displayed to other computers on the LAN.
CableMon is a similar application for Windows. But CableMon on Windows can monitor any connection on the LAN, including file sharing, VPN, share folders, FTP and the SMB connection.
You can see the details of what is happening to and from your computer on the Internet by watching the traffic of your local network.
Run and enjoy the best data compression software and free network monitor on your PC.
CableMon Features:
– Monitor any Internet connection by using WinPCap
– Monitor any file sharing network
– Monitor any FTP Internet connection
– Monitor remote computers via any connection
– Monitor remote computer files via WinSCard
– Monitor any IP via WinPcap
– Monitor any network connection via WinTelnet
– Monitor TCP/IP via WinSock
– Monitor any connection, including external computer files, folder and FTP
– Stop downloading/uploading file, and compress/uncompress file
– Monitor LAN activities, including file sharing, FTP, telnet, WinSCP, VPN, SMB
– Log any protocol requests and responses
– Monitor HTTP/FTP/SMB/VPN connections on Windows
– Monitor connections using WinTelnet
– Monitor any FTP Internet connection
– Monitor remote computers via any connection
– Detect and block incoming and outgoing connections in real time
– Record data from the remote computer
– View live screen capture
– Run in system tray area or full screen mode
– Hide status bar and close button
– Lock and password protect the monitor program
CableMon bugs:
– Fix some errors
– Fix a short memory
– Fix some reliability issues
– Fix some bugs
– Fix a minor bug
Download CableMon from Sourceforge
And get the latest free version right now.
CableMon 1.7.0 Beta

CableMon is an advanced network monitor that will give you all the information you need about the computer activity on your network, such as incoming and outgoing emails, file transfer, email scanning and virus scanning.
This program will be a must to have on your computer if you use a network. Its basically like having your own trusted computer watcher in your back.
CableMon Features:

CableMon Crack + Free X64 [2022]

CableMon is a small network monitor that shows you data from all the users in the network.
Monitor the traffic in the LAN or across the Internet with any browser, which makes it easy to examine the behavior of a network. This will help you find users who don’t follow the rules, review the bandwidth utilization rate and effectively fight the virus in your system.
Program Features:
• View the network traffic in full color.
• Monitor all the computers in your home network simultaneously.
• View data for every connection, such as total transmitted and received data, how much data was transmitted/received, the average transmission speed, download and upload speed.
• The network traffic is displayed in a graphical way. You can see all the traffic in real time.
• Shows the traffic from all the users in the network.
• View the graph of download and upload traffic from the previous minute.
• You can view the traffic from the Internet or LAN.
• Monitor outgoing traffic with selectable type (HTTP, FTP, WWW, etc.).
• If you have a problem, there is an option to send a message automatically to the administrator of the system.
• Configure CableMon to work with your requirements. You can change the maximum speed and bandwidth for a connection. The maximum speed for the Internet connection is 49.999 Megabits/second (Mb/s).
• You can view our specification in the download section.
• You can change the system’s language to your own language.

FluxData allows you to easily monitor and record all Windows keystrokes, user accounts and computer activity. This feature-packed plug-in lets you spy on your users and administrators as they surf the Web, check their email, write a report, browse the company intranet, or work on the corporate application software.
And the best part is, because FluxData is a plug-in, it can monitor any Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser session. Why waste time and money trying to spy on your users if you can automatically find the right information on the fly?
FluxData Features:
Actions trigger log entries instantly
Create rules to automatically record data you want
Log data in this format:
User: Username
URL: URL of page
Keystrokes: Associated text in browser’s window, such as “MS Word” or “Ctrl+N”
Logs to a file or read from the network
Record data for a single

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For monitoring LAN traffic, CableMon is a tool that will help users make sense of their network traffic and also to protect their computer network from harm. It will track and report connection information and other data such as activity, performance, delays and quotas, so you can easily know what kind of activity you are doing through the internet and why the speed is dropped or what else is going on.
CableMon can be installed quickly and work on the most common operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, as well as Linux systems.
CableMon Features:
CableMon has a lot of features that will allow you to monitor traffic on your LAN. It works with the WinPCap, SCTP, and L2TP protocols. It offers basic static setup, dynamic setup, and support for proxy servers. It also has a proxy server mode that lets you monitor network traffic from a remote computer, as well as hide your IP address and will let you easily see your IP address, as well as hide your IP address from the network.
You can enter IP addresses, ports, and domains, and it will put the traffic in the windows TCP/IP traffic profile and visualize it in the chart.
You can monitor upload traffic from specific protocols such as FTP, HTTP, RTSP, DNS, SMTP, P2P, Gopher, TELNET, POP3, and more.
You can monitor download traffic from specific protocols such as FTP, HTTP, RTSP, DNS, SMTP, P2P, Gopher, TELNET, POP3, and more.
You can monitor host names and IP addresses from specific protocols, such as FTP, HTTP, RTSP, DNS, SMTP, P2P, Gopher, TELNET, POP3, and more.
It will also show you statistics for the selected port such as the start time, connection ID, connection state, disconnect, data, last data, last sent and received data, last timestamp, name of sender or sender port, name of recipient or recipient port, names of active data carriers, total size, total count, data size or bytes, and total count.
You can set the network adapter that will be monitored, as well as the ping and traceroute command. You can also monitor the connection of all NICs, or select specific ones.
You can monitor IP traffic for incoming and outgoing connections. You can monitor IP traffic

What’s New in the?

CableMon is a small, tiny and versatile network monitoring utility. It displays all kinds of important network traffic information on a graphical desktop window. It can monitor WinPCap driver network traffic and/or Wireshark captures via LAN or USB with absolute ease.
This network traffic monitor is very easy to use. Just insert your network cable into the back of your computer and start monitoring.
With the help of the extremely well-designed graphical interface, you can instantly understand the basic traffic flow for incoming, outgoing and total data for your workstation, as well as LAN, Internet, wireless and wired protocols, FTP, HTTP, and file transfers, and even a ping of a host.
CableMon supports 3 different analysis methods. You can view the data in list, graph or table view. You can select to view the packet information in kilobytes (KB) or kilobits (Kbps) with the help of buttons at the side of the window.
There are three different graphs available in the software. The graphical results of these metrics include total uploaded and downloaded data over the selected time period and a line chart with server uptime and total size. You can also select a small icon in the main frame that is next to the graphs. This will switch to the selected folder. For example, you can select the host, protocol and record amount, download or upload data to appear.
There are three different report formats, including CSV, HTML and ASCII text format. You can monitor individual and/or system network connections, what kind of traffic is detected, traffic modes (incoming, outgoing, total) and host ping.
With the help of a short tutorial, you can receive basic knowledge about how to use this network traffic monitor. The included manual can be read very quickly.
Besides the mentioned features, CableMon has the following shortcuts. You can open the connection option box simply by clicking on the “Open” button. In the “Host” and “Device” text boxes, you can press F4 to view available protocols. The software supports WinPCap drivers. The interface and data can be saved for later usage.
Installation Notes:
1. Unzip and copy the.exe file to a safe place on your hard drive.
2. Double-click the downloaded executable file to install the software.
3. Run the main application (the icon appears in the system tray area).
4. Paste the network connection (e.g. Ethernet) into the “Select

System Requirements:

* A PC with specs at least as good as the following:
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E4500 or AMD Athlon X2 64 3200 +
RAM: 2GB or more
* A DVD drive (at least one)
* A broadband Internet connection with high speeds
* The game is distributed as a DVD/CD set, the contents of which can be extracted and copied using common tools.
* The game is distributed in the English language.
* You can run the game with

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