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AZip Free For Windows

AZip is a free software application developed by “AziPro Software Ltd.” This application can be used to perform compression and decompression of your ZIP archives on your Mac OS X operating system. AZip only requires your Mac to be running macOS Mojave 10.14 or higher in order to be used.

You can also drag and drop any folder to AZip to be tested. If there are multiple files in that folder that you want to be compressed, AZip will ask you if you want to process all of them in one go. However, it is possible to process the items one by one as well.

In other words, this software is a convenient archive manager that helps you to find your files in no time using the standard “drag and drop” support. AZip doesn’t require any installations as it doesn’t embed with your system files.

Moreover, the app also allows you to edit your ZIP files with ease to be changed if necessary. Besides, AZip is also a capable archive decompression tool that helps you to create new archives, merge, compare and archive files.

It is important to mention that the software app was not tested on Windows or Linux platforms. So, users are advised to check the compatibility of the app before purchasing it.

AZip features:

AZip is a reliable software to manage your ZIP archives on Mac OS X operating system. The app can only perform decompression tests on ZIP archives in one-by-one or all-at-once mode. Users can perform various operations such as merging, compressing, decompressing, and creating new archives.

Moreover, you can drag and drop the files from your hard disk to AZip in order to test its effectiveness. It is also possible to edit the files in their original state if there are issues with the compression or decompression process.

Using AZip you can merge various files into one archive using the built-in “file merge” feature. You can also change the compression or decompression settings and use the “copy” and “move” options to change the position of your files in the archive.

The app doesn’t include many options but it is reliable and you don’t have to deal with complex settings if you want to work with AZip efficiently.

If you need to change the compression ratio or alter the in-file settings, AZip comes

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AZip is a software solution designed to help you view the content of your ZIP archives. This compression tool was specifically built to manage your archives in the easiest way possible.
Beginners should get used to working with this program in no time as all its functions are neatly displayed in the main window.
You can use the “drag and drop” support for adding files or folders into the main window. The app automatically compresses the files and displays the content of the archived folder in the main window. It is also possible to delete the existing entries from the list.
AZip can also decompress an archive on the go by simply dragging it to the main window. The program works fast and it didn’t crash, freeze or encounter errors during our testing.
The app can perform tests to verify if all the entries in the archive folder are valid. It also features a built-in search dialog that helps users to find various files very quickly.
Moreover, AZip bundles some important features as it allows users to recompress, compare and merge the archives.
Compared with other similar apps, AZip is pretty easy to work with since it doesn’t include many configurations settings to tinker with. It makes the whole process of compressing and decompressing easier and faster by keeping things as simple as possible.
Advanced options such as setting up passwords and changing the compression method are not included in the app.
All in all, AZip is a small but efficient program that can compress or decompress files very quickly. Although it isn’t the most powerful tool in its category as the developer didn’t include many advanced features, it is definitely a reliable software application for all users who want to manage their archives effortlessly. AZip Features:

A powerful and easy to use archiver, viewing and extracting files easily and swiftly.

A built-in archive manager that lets users to view, unpack, decompress and extract archive files.

Built-in archive file view.

Built-in archive file search.

Built-in archive file compare.

Built-in archive file merge.

Built-in archive file split.

Built-in archive file size compare.

Built-in archive file compare in archive content.

Built-in archive file compress.

Built-in archive file compress in archive content.

Drag and drop support to add files into main window.

Drag and drop support to

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– Compress and decompress ZIP archives
– View the content of existing ZIP archives
– Drag and drop support for adding/deleting files in the archive
– Remove duplicates and delete specific entries
– View the total size of the archive
– Search the contents of ZIP archives
– Compress/Decompress files and folders
– Decrypt/Un-decrypt files and folders
– Recompress the entries from the current archive
– Compress files with or without passwords
– Create password protected archives
– Extract files from ZIP archives
– Decompress files to a specific folder
– Decompress files with or without passwords
– Compress files in subfolders
– Control compression method (gzip, zip, bzip2, lzma, rar, etc.)
– Add/Remove files from the compressing process
– Disable auto-compress
– Enable/Disable auto-extract
– Enable/Disable the specific compression options (checksum, encryption, compression, etc.)
– Add/Remove files while compressing
– Extract new entries without delete existing ones
– Password protect archive
– Compress/Decompress on the go by dragging
– View list of all files in the archive
– Extract files with decryption
– View size of files in the archive
– View size of all the folders in the archive
– Highlight the differences between the files
– Recompress and rename files in the archive
– View the total size of the compressed archive
– View the total size of all the entries in the compressed archive
– View the total size of all the files in the archive
– View the total size of all the folders in the archive
– View the total size of the files in the archive
– View the total size of the folders in the archive
– View the total size of the deleted files
– Recompress and delete the existing entries
– Extract all the entries in the archive
– Add/Remove subfolders in the archive
– Set name filter for files/folders
– Set name filter for folder
– Remove folder from the archive
– Show the contents of the archive in the main window
– Recompress all the files
– Remove specific files from the archive
– Rename the files
– Select files to be extracted with encryption
– Extract the encryption file of the files
– Decompress all the entries in the archive
– Select specific

What’s New In AZip?

[AZip] is a free software program to help you manage and view the contents of your zip archives. Compressing or decompressing one file is actually easy with [AZip]. [AZip] will help you to compress or decompress multiple files at once so that you can save your time. You can also merge multiple zip files easily with [AZip].
* Simplified the user interface.
* Added some new features to the main window.
* Supported new languages:
Chinese Traditional
* Support is independent of OS.
* Support is independent of system resource.
* Access to your archive is safe.
* Bug fixed or improved.
* Now the license is free.
* Now the trial version is free.
* Now you can fully support us.
AZip Screenshots:
AZip APK is a compression utility. Simply drag and drop files into the listbox or select multiple files and drag them into the main window of the app. Zipping and unzipping is very simple with this program.
* Compress or Uncompress a Zip File.
* Quickly view the content of a zip file.
* Use the small size of zip files to compress files with a web server.
* Advanced operations including merge, compare, split and verify a zip file.
* Lookup a name in a Zip file.
* Compress, Uncompress or Decompress the contents of multiple zip files at once.
* Supports IP and IPv6 address.
* Supports multiple Languages.
* Rename compressed files.
* Backup and restore operations.
AZIP is a friendly user interface that allows users to compress or decompress files without worrying about the possible risks, since the app only let users view the files.
It also lets users to create compressed zip files to avoid the risk of file loss.
AZIP is a simple-to-use compression tool designed to help you view the content of your ZIP archives. It is not only designed to work with your archives, but also to perform other functions such as decryption and encryption.
The software is a complete archive management solution. You can compress your ZIP files at will. All the files in a folder are compressed in the same archive file with different name, thus it is easy to identify when files are compressed or decompressed.

AZip Screenshot



Download AZip

System Requirements:

Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later (Mac OS X 10.8 is also supported)
Intel Core i3-7100 6-Core Processor with at least 2.5 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti with at least 1 GB VRAM
2 GB free hard disk space
1 GB RAM is recommended
OS Requirements:
Administrator rights
Internet Explorer 9
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
Additional information regarding the process can be found in the document linked below.
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