Alive MP3 CD Burner (Final 2022)

Being able to create your own custom CDs with your own music is something that many people enjoy, even with the advent of the digital age and portable MP3 players. Alive MP3 CD Burner is a useful application that you can use to play MP3 audio files on, as well as burn them to a CD for your own use.

A limited, but useful capability as an audio player, with some additional features
While the application is primarily designed to be used as a CD burner, it can also play your songs. The application is not a particularly good audio player, with only a few functions. Songs can be played, but there is no skip forward or skip back option, no fast forward, no repeat function either.
It does include a few functions as a player though and users can create a playlist, they can be saved to a computer, with the option to print out the list of songs if users want to create a label or CD cover. The application also includes a tag editor, so users can edit any information such as the artist, genre and year, as well as any custom comment they feel is appropriate.
A slightly costly, yet functional CD burner, with a basic, but stylized interface
The CD burner aspect of the application works as one might expect, once a list of songs is created by users, a file name and destination can be selected. The application contains no formatting options or anything else, but it does support a few other formats than just MP3.
Alive MP3 CD Burner's interface is rather small, it cannot be resized or stretched to make it larger and easier to read. The small font and small buttons are a little bit difficult to work with, but each one does have a tooltip to make it more accessible, a useful feature since the buttons have text. The lack of button symbols and the tiny font means that each button is actually quite hard to read, the burn button itself has a giant play symbol, which can actually be a bit misleading. The addition of themes or skins for the player would go a long way to increasing the value for money and appeal of the application as an audio player.
A useful application that does the bare essentials, though it could use greater attention to detail
Overall, the application is decent and operates as expected. The duality of the application as a reasonable audio player is welcomed, but the exceptionally small interface is an odd choice. The attempts to make the application more stylish and attractive are hampered by the awkward design. To conclude, Alive MP3 CD Burner is a useful application, but it could use more features and a more customizable interface.









Alive MP3 CD Burner Free Download

Alive MP3 CD Burner Torrent Download is a freeware to create and burn CDs from MP3 files. It is a small application with just three main features: creat a CD from MP3 files, creat a CD from MP3 files and creat a MP3 CD.
Create a CD from MP3 files:
Create a CD from MP3 files is actually a simple operation. It allows you to choose between playing or burning music. You can also choose an MP3 CD cover as well as the main title and the genre. Select a track, click burn to create a CD. It’s all very easy.

Create a MP3 CD:
Alive MP3 CD Burner Activation Code can not only create a CD from MP3 files, but also support CDs from different formats. You can burn MP3 and WMA files. Choose the artist, title and label.

Alive MP3 CD Burner available languages:
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Alive MP3 CD Burner Crack Activator Free [March-2022]

Alive MP3 CD Burner is an application that can create custom CDs. The application contains a basic player that can play your songs. The program can be used to burn files to your computer, or it can also burn files to CD discs. Alive MP3 CD Burner is designed for users who wish to burn the music files they own, to create custom CDs.
The application contains two functions, it can play songs or play files, both of which are very basic. Users can have as many songs or tracks as they like on the CD, but there is no way to advance past a certain point in a song or track. Users can set a track length to be approximately five minutes or for the CD to not be a set length. The player also doesn’t have any sound effects, there is no ability to fast-forward or rewind either.
Alive MP3 CD Burner works as a CD burner by creating your music tracks in a list. Once a track is created, a title can be entered, a file location can be specified and the program allows you to print out a cover for the CD. The CD covers can be printed in any standard printer, with the cover design and text being editable. More than four covers can be in a folder.
The CD burning portion of the application is the only part that contains features, including the ability to delete tracks, create a new track or batch delete tracks. The application can be set to automatically delete the playlists or empty your playlist, a feature users can use to start over and burn their music tracks. A total of six playlists can be created for the user’s music tracks, and an additional 15 playlists can be created for the user’s custom albums. The application also includes basic audio options, such as voice and music volume, and a custom ring tone can be created as well. Users can create a list of songs and can add the list to one of the six playlists. The only other option is an option to print the list out for the user.
What is new in this release:
– New look and design.- Upgraded skin.- Improved menu icons.- Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
Alive MP3 CD Burner Feedback:
Please take a minute to email your feedback and comments to Your comments and feedback are important to us and help us provide the highest quality application possible. thank you for your time and support.
Download Alive MP3 CD

Alive MP3 CD Burner [Win/Mac]

Alive MP3 CD Burner can not only burn MP3 music to compact disc, but is also the best multimedia player which can play MP3 music, MP4 music, AAC music, AAC music, WMA music, and MP4 music. This CD burning software allows you to burn CDs from Music files/Audio files like CD/MP3/MP4/AAC/WMA format with your own background music and/or other audio files. You can create your own CD / MP3 song playlist or audio book with our real-time CD burner.
· Easy to use – just simply add your music files to the CD/MP3/MP4/AAC/WMA database and then you can easily pick your favorite songs and burn them as your CD / MP3 song playlist. Burn your favorite songs to your custom CDs, custom MP3 music, AAC/MP3 audio book, or MP4 audio book.
· 2 use modes – you can choose to create your own CD as your own background music, or you can choose to build a whole CD/MP3/MP4 song playlist and burn it to your CD, and have the fun of customizing your own CD by adding your background music and/or other MP3 music files.
· Playback control – when you burn your favorite songs to your custom CD, you can control the playing of your CD and add your background music to create your own DJ style MP3 CD.
· Text editing – you can also use it as an audio book burning tool. You can add your own text information (such as titles, lyrics, introductions, etc.) to your own music files or audio books and create a whole MP3 music / AAC song / MP4 music / WMA song / MP3 audio book.
· Track changes – you can also use this CD burner to change the track of your favorite MP3 music song or audio book.
· Intelligent playlist – you can use the same playlist to burn different audio files, and you can also burn different audio files to one playlist.
· Built-in editor – you can use the built-in text editor to edit tags and any extra information about your music files (such as the song title, the artist, etc.).
· Support WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, RM, RAM, CDDA, MP3 CDDA, WMA, WAV audio formats.
· Built-in image

What’s New In?

Use the best CD burning software to create great music CDs.
Reveal your music online anywhere.
Burn Audio CDs online in two ways – AS FOLK, AS SONG or AS TYPE.
Burn songs to CD in a time, mood or genre.
Open your iTunes Music Library, add, organize, edit, delete tracks.
Burn to Mp3 CD, Wav CD, As Mp3, As Wav, Ogg Vorbis or As Apple Lossless format, A0, A1, AA, A, Sphered, Systematic, Super audio, High quality.
Auto CD icon, Customize icon, Customize Folder icon, Customize volume, Cut volume.
Import your iTunes Mp3/Wav CD to Alive MP3 CD Burner.
A wide range of options to tailor your burner to suit you.
Organize music by Album, Artist, Genre, Composer, Movie, Band or Friends.
Put your music, albums, or favorite songs into your iPod, iPhone, Zune or Windows Media Player.
You can also burn individual tracks of an album, with many different file options.
Burning Audio CDs online means that you can burn a song to a CD right away, where you can’t do it with iPod or other devices.
Buy and listen to your burned CDs from Amazon, Amazon MP3 or iTunes.
… Read more

If you have read the reviews about the Audio Houdini Dual Audio you may have thought that you can download it then install it and you’re done. You can burn dual audio to CD. However, for some reason you have to tell it where the audio files are located on your hard drive. Many of the recent versions have fixed this, but you may also find it is best to stick with the Audio Houdini Platinum 9.
Audio Houdini Platinum 9 can copy a song in the WAV format, you can open MP3 files and copy them, and it can copy CD with audio tracks. You can burn a CD with dual audio and skip any single track. Plus you can edit tracks and rename tracks and even create playlists.
Main features
Works on different types of files and files
Automatic search of the audio files on your hard drive for MP3, WAV, APE, AVI, OGG, FLAC, MP2, and MP1 (MP1, MP3 00.48, MP3 72, MP3

System Requirements For Alive MP3 CD Burner:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i5/i7
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/ AMD Radeon HD 7970 or better
Video Card
Additional Notes: Gamepad not recommended.
Xbox 360 Controller
OS: Windows 7/

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