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Generally speaking, everyone enjoys a fresh, new Windows install, especially since everything runs fast and smooth. Then again, after some time, the performance of the operating system seems to deteriorate as you install or download new programs. Not to mention that you may get all sorts of malware by simply browsing on the web.
Although Windows does not provide an easy way to keep it clean, some programs can lend you a hand in this sense. Tiny Watcher is a tool designed to keep a close eye on processes, files and registries so that you know when unwanted changes are being made.
It creates a snapshot of your system and it may take some time
Following a quick and uneventful installation, the application proceeds to perform a quick scan of your operating system. If you just installed Windows, then the scan should not take too long. Afterwards, it prompts to confirm that you allow it to create a snapshot of the current running processes, files, registries and other tasks that you scheduled. Regardless of the apps installed, you should bear in mind the snapshot creation may take some time.
Provides valuable alerts when changes are made to your system
Once the snapshot is created, the app starts to monitor your OS for changes and alerts you when items are created, edited or deleted. If you want to avoid being alerted for all trivial modifications, then you should consider customizing the items to be monitored. According to the developer, the detection of changes is done by comparing the SHA-256 hash of the OS items.
All in all, Tiny Watcher works quietly in the background and monitors for all changes made without your permission. Not only does this help increase the protection and security of your OS, but it also enables you to take quick action when something is wrong.







Tiny Watcher 1.2.10 Crack + Free

Tiny Watcher is a highly efficient program designed to keep a close eye on changes that are made to Windows. It monitors the operating system’s registry, processes, files, and services to help you know when something is wrong.

Tiny Watcher is based on technology that scans for changes to Windows files and programs and keeps track of them. If you are getting these alerts often, then you may have a virus or spyware installed on your computer. If it turns out that you do, then this tool will be able to detect them and will help you clean up after the problem.

When the application detects a problem, it will not only alert you, but will also allow you to report the item as a vulnerability so that the developer can fix it.

Tiny Watcher Features:

Powerful monitoring and protection that provides you with all the details about any change made to your computer, including what file it was changed, what registry key it was changed, and where that change was made.

Hides your Windows Task Manager so that no one can find out what you are doing with your PC.

Does not change or delete any of your files or folders.

Detects and reports modifications to your PC, such as scans and patches, as well as file changes and registry changes.

Allows you to go back to any point in time by enabling the snapshots.

Enables you to prevent the application from accessing some of the registry keys so that you can’t accidentally disable them.

Tiny Watcher is a program that works quietly in the background and keeps a watchful eye on changes made to Windows. It alerts you when you are getting these alerts, and then allows you to fix it. It does not change or delete any of your files or folders, but rather monitors them to ensure that they are working properly.

Tiny Watcher installs easily and works perfectly when you do so. Once it does, it will remain in your system. Once you are done using it, you may remove it, but it will require some effort. If you wish to uninstall it, then you will need to find the program file. To do so, just search for the name of the program, Tiny Watcher, on your computer and on your device.

Tiny Watcher Version History:




Fixes issue when we have the same permissions in multiple windows

Tiny Watcher 1.2.10 Crack+ License Code & Keygen For Windows

KeyMacro is a small utility that simplifies your password input.
When you type into the password field and you see the blinking cursor, you can press the hotkey key of your choice without having to type a letter of the password. For example, if your hotkey is Ctrl, you can just type Ctrl+F by using only one finger.
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NOTE: KeyMacro is available on Bitbucket, just in case you have forgotten the URL of the project.
KeyMacro – Installation
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KeyMacro – Configurations
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Tiny Watcher 1.2.10 Crack

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What’s New In Tiny Watcher?

– Enable notification when program or registry edits are made to your system
– Detect program edits and show a confirmation window
– Specially developed to detect changes to programs, files, registry entries
– Detect changes to a specific process

Thank you for your feedback.
We are currently working on a final version.
Please, wait with your feedback.


Major Issues

Could not prevent the editing of directories (except files within directory)

Final Verdict

If you want to take control of your OS, then Tiny Watcher is a good addition to your arsenal. In fact, it does a very good job in this regard. Of course, you will have to agree with the developer’s decision to detect changes with the use of SHA-256 hash but, this should be done after the proper investigation. After installing the app, you should be able to enjoy a good protection system that will alert you when something is suspicious.

Windows security is one of the things that make the difference between having a private life and a public one. Sometimes, the user is reluctant to perform certain tasks because he does not feel completely safe about the thing that he is doing. There are many tools and apps that allow the user to take control of his PC and take some precautionary actions.

One of the applications that enables you to take control of your PC from anywhere is Ghostery. This is an extension that you can install in your browser in order to increase your privacy. It comes with a nice and easy to use interface that enables you to perform some actions.

The app will allow you to run the Ghostery extension directly in your browser and prevent certain elements from being downloaded on your PC. You can block ads, trackers, content, social media or anything else that you do not want to see.

From a quick and uneventful installation, the application asks you to enable the extension. The extension works by blocking the various requests that are made on your browser. It provides different settings that you can choose to customize your browser.

The extension has a pretty simple interface and you can get the app and check on the status of the extension at any time. It is a good thing that it does not interrupt you with popups and other annoying messages.

The app does a good job in this regard and it is very easy to use. On the other hand, you can do without the app if you are not really fond of extensions and you prefer to work directly on your browser.


Major Issues

It is a bit of a hassle to configure the app

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an extension that will make your PC more private and secure, then Ghostery will be the best choice for you. It is very easy to use and it does a very good job in this regard. It is a good thing that the app does not

System Requirements:

OS:Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP SP3
2.8 GHz dual-core
1.8 GHz quad-core
1.4 GHz quad-core
Intel HD 4000 / AMD HD 5000
Hard Drive:
12 GB available space
Not required


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