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If you’re taking a screenshot with the intention of sharing it, you are better off uploading it to one of the popular image hosting services on the web, such as Imgur. This process can be quite slow, however, which is why this app is worth a look.
Screenur can speed things up a great deal, as it skips the step of saving images locally and only provides you with their URL once they have been uploaded. It is very quick and easy to use, but it could use a couple of extra features.
Probably the fastest way to upload screenshots to Imgur
If you’re looking for a quick way to grab and upload snapshots, this app is certainly a good choice. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t save the images on your PC, although you can download them from Imgur afterward.
Screenur puts speed above everything else, and you can’t really argue with the results. Of course, the file’s size should be taken into consideration, but uploads are pretty much instant.
A direct link to the image is loaded in your default web browser, and the URL is also copied to the clipboard, which means you can share it with anyone right away.
Offers two capture modes, but lacks a few useful features
The application can capture the entire desktop if you use the CTRL+SHIFT+3 hotkey, and it also allows you to grab content from a specific area with the CTRL+SHIFT+4 shortcut. However, these key combinations cannot be customized.
Sadly, there is no option to capture a specific application, window or object, and you cannot view the exact dimensions of the selection box when performing an area capture.
Lightweight app featuring a fully portable design
It has to be mentioned that Screenur has the added advantage of not requiring installation, and it also leaves no traces behind once it is shut down. Images are never stored locally, and the small app is very resource-friendly.
In a nutshell, Screenur is a specialized application that enables you to grab and upload screenshots to Imgur in no time at all. It could use a couple of additional features, but it is a great choice for users who need a simple, no-nonsense graphic capture and uploading tool.


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Screenur is a screenshot sharing tool that lets you upload screenshots to Imgur.

What’s New in Screenur

Version 4.6

fix popup when input text
fix image loading bug
fix crash when posting a screenshot
in settings, change window name to ‘Shared Screenshot’
fix image download
in settings, add option ‘Post screenshot’
make screenshot panel scrollable
when sending a screenshot, show file name and status message

[v4.5] fix image downloading bug
[v4.4] make screenshot panel scrollable
[v4.3] change time format from MM/DD/YYYY to HH:mm:ss
[v4.2] change language
[v4.1] upload several times in one operation
[v4.0] upload file
[v3.8] upload several times in one operation
[v3.7] fix border when image is loaded
[v3.6] fix image quality
[v3.5] fix border when image is loaded
[v3.4] fix crash when images has been uploaded
[v3.3] fix crash when a screenshot is selected while uploading
[v3.2] add support for image upload
[v3.1] fix crashing bug when selecting image
[v3.0] upload image directly
[v2.8] change menu language to english
[v2.7] fix bug when some images is selected
[v2.6] add ability to share screenshot
[v2.5] add ability to choose border color
[v2.4] add ability to choose border width
[v2.3] fix bug when images not selected
[v2.2] fix bug when some images is selected
[v2.1] add ability to choose alignment
[v2.0] fix bug when images is selected

No need to go through any third-party apps.
With Screenur you can easily share screenshots with friends and your online audience. Share your screen views, and get feedback about your work in real time.
Take a picture, share it instantly and watch the reactions unfold in real time.
Screenur is a 100% free, feature rich and lightweight application that allows you to capture screenshots directly to Imgur.
✔ Take a picture, share it instantly

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KeyMacro is the ultimate tool for Windows users. Press the Win+M keyboard shortcut and immediately you will be able to save any window you have open, including Microsoft Word and Excel. For almost any Windows application.
KeyMacro was designed to work on both desktops and laptops, and it has nothing to do with the use of a “mouse” or “trackpad”. It is simply a keyboard shortcut that opens a window with a preview of the currently active document.
KeyMacro uses your mouse as a navigation tool for this preview window. This means that it is not a “screen-capture” tool, and it does not require installing anything.
Why should you consider KeyMacro?
Capture/save any open window for as many times as you want
Works with almost any Windows application
Very fast and efficient
KeyMacro does not require installing anything
The best-in-class video converter
Besides its capture and download capabilities, KeyMacro also allows users to convert videos and MP3s in full-HD resolution.
High-quality conversions
It is one of the top-rated video converters. It allows you to convert videos to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP and many other formats, and it also has advanced encoding options.
With KeyMacro, you can easily compress videos and quality settings that are specific to your device are automatically configured. The default setting is MP4, but you can also change the target resolution and bitrate in the “Encoding” tab.
Import and export videos from your hard drive
The application supports the import and export of video files with their corresponding audio tracks.
Users can also upload videos to YouTube or Facebook, as well as download video files. The latter option allows you to view videos offline.
Great for sharing video files
It has a file-sharing option, which allows you to send videos directly to one of your Facebook or YouTube contacts, by email or IM.
Another special feature is the ability to make contact requests or “bump” videos by phone number.
How can KeyMacro save you time?
Connecting to your computer with its new, more secure options
KeyMacro now allows you to connect and control your computer from any Windows device.
This new feature requires the use of a free app from Microsoft, which is not optional.
When installing the app, you can choose whether to make it a “Background Task” or “Startup” app

Screenur Free Download [Latest]

What’s New in the?

View your desktop, clipboard, file system or virtually any window and create a screenshot from it.
Download Screenur Screencapture

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System Requirements For Screenur:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 or later
Windows 7 SP1 or later Processor: AMD A8-3850, Intel Core i5-3210M, AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, Intel Core i7-4790
AMD A8-3850, Intel Core i5-3210M, AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, Intel Core i7-4790 Memory: 8GB RAM
8GB RAM Hard Drive: 25GB
25GB Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 270X, Nvidia GTX 960
AMD Radeon R9 270X

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