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This post is one of my favorites, so I'm really glad it's up for your reading enjoyment as well.
You may have guessed it from my description, but the title refers to a macOS system privacy setting and the settings you can alter to make your Mac operate more discreetly and intelligently. I'm referring to the privacy level you can access from the privacy icon that you can find on your Mac's desktop in a little green menu box.
Unfortunately, macOS Privacy will most of the time override those settings for you, due to the different OS' level of interaction with your privacy. Fortunately, you're in for a change with macOS Privacy 2.0.
This version of the app promises to have a different set of privacy options, though their description doesn't explicitly say so.
Regardless, it's still a great option for power users and privacy advocates.
Some of the changes you can expect to see are:
Changed privacy options under Location Services
The privacy setting has been renamed under Location Services and have been split up into "Everywhere," "Only for Wi-Fi" and "Ask only for Wi-Fi".
In order to change your privacy setting you need to go to:
System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy
Under Location Services you'll see a new "Privacy for Mac" check box, as well as the same list of options as the old "Privacy Location Services" option did.
To get the new options to appear you need to tick the check box, which enables the new menu item that brings you to the privacy settings.
If you're missing the former one, you can reset the new one to the previous option by unchecking the box.
Access app when macOS launches
The privacy options of a Mac will now be opened to the user each time the Mac launches, instead of the existing ones being used. It's a nice touch and a decent alternative to making macOS open apps for every single time it launches, which I guess was the idea behind making the option user-driven.
Limiting searches for data
Under the search tab, you'll be able to control how macOS looks for data and information when you search for something.
The first option simply tells the system not to search at all. The second will tell macOS to search only in specific categories, for instance, in the "Safari" app.
The third option lets you choose which apps will be queried, which may be something you use, but it could also mean switching off the

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