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CYFIN Reporter is the only logfile analysis tool that can report on online activities. It measures content, time & source, and provides specific information on how users access your sites. You can simply compare Internet usage stats over a period of time or across regions, and identify online visitors or areas of your site with the most activity. CYFIN Reporter quickly and easily generates graphs and reports with a single click.
The report generated by CYFIN Reporter includes an analysis of the following factors:
• Time (Day, Week, Month, Year);
• Downloaded files;
• Sentry;
• User type;
• Countries visited;
• URLs visited;
• Search engines; and
• HTTP referrer.
The report is accessible in standard formats (PDF, HTML, CSV, and more). CYFIN Reporter allows you to transfer data to your favorite spreadsheet or database program.
For both online and offline activities, CYFIN Reporter generates heatmaps, which effectively represent user activity, including the location of visits. Data can be exported in the form of Microsoft Excel or Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) files.
You can export information from your logfile with Cyfin Reporter. This means you can produce a report only with the data that you want to analyze. Using this method, CYFIN Reporter provides you with an easy way to analyze the logfile.
Cyfin Reporter compares data over a period of time, or across regions, providing you with clear and detailed information about the time spent online.
This report is available in different versions.
• Full version: everything works correctly, including the extended features
• Free version: main features of the Premium version
NOTE: This product is in the demo version. It is fully functional, but some of the main features are hidden. To activate the full version, click on the payment link to purchase the product.
What is CYFIN Reporter?
A logfile analyzer that reports the number of visitors, the countries visited, the number of files downloaded and the number of actions performed.
• Locates and identifies Internet sites based on the information included in the URL, in the HTTP header, and in the HTTP referrer.
• Measures the time spent online by users.
• Compares data from a log file or sentry with data from the current version of sentry version, and exports the data to various formats, including PDF, HTML and CSV, all reports are accessible in one click.
• Generates heat maps that map

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Cyfin Reporter is a logfile analyzer that produces reports on employee Web access. It supports multiple logfile formats and locations while providing a clear view of workforce’s online activity.
Cyfin Reporter is an advanced version of other web-analytics tools, which is especially suitable for management functions. Give Cyfin Reporter a try to fully assess its capabilities!
Cyfin Reporter consists of 5 main modules:
1. Logfile module, which generates reports based on user’s logfile access. It supports over 20 logfile formats and formats for remote servers.
2. Reports module, which provides a set of reports based on logfile data gathered by the Logfile module.
3. Dashboards, which are a set of reports customized by users. A dashboard is a collection of reports placed in a specific area.
4. Privacy Rules, which helps to prevent the report data from being shared with an unauthorized third-party applications.
5. Proxy Server, which helps to locate the server and analyze the logfile remotely.

Isadora is a powerful and incredibly easy-to-use desktop recorder application. Isadora captures (records) your full screen, your recorded or saved image file. It supports Windows 32/64-bit as well as many new platforms such as Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.
Isadora is free software that costs just a few seconds of your time.
Isadora is powerful and easy-to-use to record your desktop with:
– Free screen recording, including audio
– Save and edit your recorded file in all editing modes (slow motion, reverse, playback, or subtitles in the selected language)
– Save time by skipping unnecessary menus
– Hide your cursor so that you can record the entire screen at once
– Compatible with all modern Windows versions
– Direct full screen or specific window
– Automatically detect your audio card and adapt automatically to your recording quality
– Low resource usage
– Exe is a true library that keeps the app size small and avoids the need for a virtual machine or installation on Mac
– Multilingual
– Supports many new and unsupported platforms, such as Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
Isadora is easy to install and use:
– Isadora works perfectly in Windows without installation. To record your desktop in another operating system, it may require an installation on a computer.

Lumer is a GUI-based, command-line interface for the

What’s New in the?

▪ It requires no installation and can run from USB thumb drive or DVD.
▪ It is suitable for any operating system from Windows to Linux.
▪ It can be integrated with your IT policy / solution.
▪ It provides click-by-click monitoring of internet activity for any user and reports on it in logical reports.
▪ It supports any number of connected systems.
▪ It can analyze a single logfile or multiple logfiles.
▪ It can analyze HTTP(S) request logs, FTP or POP3 logs and others.
▪ It can analyze visit statistics, user details and referrer.
▪ It is a Web activity monitoring and policy assessment tool.
▪ It includes Email activity monitoring, session recording, and reports.
▪ It can help in Security Policy evaluation and spot suspicious Web activity.
▪ It includes a full complement of standard features and configuration options.
▪ It is affordable and worth trying.
▪ It provides easy to follow on screen-based administration, Web GUI, or API functionality.
▪ It can be upgraded via the Web GUI or API.
▪ It supports unlimited number of reports, parameters and formats.
▪ It has an intuitive user interface.

iXtape is a Linux tool that allows you to measure the performance of Apache web servers. It runs simultaneously at least four web servers by default and can monitor at your bandwidth per Web server and overall bandwidth.
iXtape Description:
iXtape is a suite of tools for monitoring your web server performances.
As the web server of choice for PHP and MySQL has become among the most common Linux web servers, we decided to provide a tool to enable everyone to easily monitor their Apache installations.
iXtape uses the performance monitoring tools made available for Solaris by SGI (called kernel performance monitors, or KPMs) to measure the performance of Apache web server on a Linux system. It provides a single and easy-to-use interface which allows the users to control the web server and the storage of the results of the performance test.
There are two main tools in iXtape. The first one is iXtape, which controls the web server and executes the benchmark. The second tool is iXtape-admin, which offers users a web-based interface to easily select what to measure and view the results of the benchmark.
As all the performance measurements have been

System Requirements For Cyfin Reporter:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Netfront 2.0 or later
SteamOS and OS X Beta
SteamOS, OS X and Windows can all play together. In fact, they can all play together in the same game at the same time, even if you have them all installed. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible.
I hope you like what you see. If you want to see more like this,

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