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Brief history

AutoCAD is a general-purpose desktop CAD application that supports the 2D drafting and design of two- and three-dimensional objects. It is widely used in the architectural, civil, and mechanical design industries. It is designed to allow the user to perform detailed 2D drafting tasks, such as aligning, labeling, drawing lines, arcs, circles, and triangles. AutoCAD is designed to do these drafting tasks quickly and easily.

The third-generation of AutoCAD was launched in 2010, which included a new Windows version of AutoCAD, the AutoCAD Web App, and the AutoCAD Mobile App.

AutoCAD is used by architects, engineers, designers, drafters, manufacturers, product designers, educators, and students. It is used in industries including architecture, civil, construction, landscape, mechanical, mining, transportation, and utilities. Many small businesses, as well as large-scale organizations, also use AutoCAD for both their design and documentation needs.

AutoCAD supports design tasks such as creating and editing 2D drawings, 3D models, and database tables and queries. It also allows users to model their mechanical drawings in three dimensions. It also allows users to manage their designs and projects through the creation of drawing sets. A drawing set contains a group of related drawings. The drawings in a drawing set are typically designed to be viewed in sequence, such as by layers.

There are three major user groups in the architectural, mechanical, civil and manufacturing industries.

Architectural Design

AutoCAD is used for the development of detailed blueprints for construction. It is used for creating 2D drawings of plans and sections. The different types of drafting tools available in AutoCAD include:

· Drawing tools that allow users to draw geometrical shapes, such as lines, arcs, circles, polygons, and Bézier curves.

· Construction tools that allow users to create lines, arcs, circles, and ellipses.

· Editing tools that allow users to modify existing drawings. These tools include the ability to delete, move, copy, and mirror objects.

· Design tools that allow users to view, edit, and manipulate drawing layers. Design tools include dimensions, text, styles, scales, and filters. They also allow users to view a drawing in perspective, orthogonal, or isometric view.

· Dynamic input tools

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AutoCAD is used by designers, engineers, architects, and other professionals. It has no “artistic” aspects, and in fact it was originally developed as an engineering and drafting package. Today, AutoCAD is among the top three 3D software products in use worldwide, alongside the industry-standard software packages of FreeCAD and SketchUp.

Version history
AutoCAD had the same version numbering system since its introduction in 1992. It has not changed much since then, except for the addition of certain features and bug fixes. The version numbers are as follows:

Version Numbers


The following is a list of AutoCAD releases, grouped by year and by number of releases.

AutoCAD 1994–1998

AutoCAD Release History:

AutoCAD 1999–2009

AutoCAD Release History:

AutoCAD 2010–present

AutoCAD 2010 Release History:

Programmer’s Reference Guide (PRG)
The Autodesk Site also publishes a Programmer’s Reference Guide (PRG) for AutoCAD, which was formerly a technical manual. It is written in plain English and covers the AutoCAD command line interface, applications, commands, libraries, predefined entities, forms, macros, objects, algorithms, applications, etc.

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Stop part of an algorithm

I have an algorithm to remove a row from a matrix. This algorithm works fine, however, there is an extra step where the algorithm does not stop when it should.
The algorithm stops when it finds the first item that is not found in the subset.
If i find the first one, I want the algorithm to stop.
This is the code of the algorithm:
IEnumerable FindLastElement(double[] array, double[] subset)
var i = array.Length – 1;
while (i >= 0)
if (!subset.Any(x => array[i] == x))
return new List { array[i] };

return null;

I tried to add another loop in the FindLastElement method like this:
while (i >= 0)
if (!subset.Any(x => array[i] == x))

But this doesnt work, it just makes the algorithm go on forever.
Could you please help?


You need to check the index of the first found element in the subset array. If there is no element found, then there is no element in the array and you can return null.
foreach (double sub in subset)

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Even easier: If you send comments in another file format, AutoCAD will automatically extract the text data and automatically import it into the current drawing.

Export to 3D:

Receive recommendations to optimize your CAD files for 3D printing.

Create an optimized 3D model using the 3D printer’s parameters. Send the results back to AutoCAD.

3D Support:

Create a 3D model of an object and align it to the current drawing.

Get real-time feedback on how the 3D model looks in AutoCAD.

Optimize 3D:

Optimize drawings for viewing on a wide-angle screen.

Collaborate on a project with multiple team members:

Use the cloud for collaborative drawing to manage different teams. Add to shared 3D models and review changes with other members of the team.

Additional features include:

Automatic creation of style objects for drawing and creating processes.

Make your own drawing. View or edit custom, user-defined shapes in the Drawing Insert palette.

See how you can use drawing features in this video.

Save time:

Save time in the current drawing by automatically syncing the template for the current drawing.

Calculate automatically and generate, document or print reports.

Use the new 2D Drafting Assistant to make 2D drawings faster.


The Drawing toolbar has more than 60 customizable actions that enable you to control the way you create drawings, and speed up your work.

The Drawing toolbar now displays information about the current drawing. You can select the toolbar to see detailed information and customize the toolbar to personalize AutoCAD experience.

The left side of the Drawing toolbar is still customizable. In addition, you can place shortcut commands anywhere on the toolbar. These commands allow you to quickly jump from one command to another or move your cursor to other parts of the toolbar.

Elements of the Drawing toolbar:

The left side of the Drawing toolbar is still customizable. You can place shortcut commands anywhere on the toolbar. These commands allow you to jump from one command to another or move your cursor to other parts of the toolbar.

Newer, more intuitive commands make editing drawings faster.

New command panes are included in AutoCAD drawing windows.

You can now easily switch between the Primary, Secondary and Tert

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes: This application may not run in all systems and some features may not be available. For example, this application may not run in Windows 7 with 32 bit operating system. This application may not run on a system that contains the following security features: BitL

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